Let your car work for you,
while protecting it...

We want to Help

We care about you and your business,.

Not everybody can spend big monthly budget on advertising. - We get that. 

We are humbled by the mission to try and help people to better communicate between each other. 

Whether it's your business or something important you want to share with your surroundings - We hope you'll give us the chance to help!


So, why not let your car / an employee's car or company's car do the work for you while also protecting it from all weather conditions 24/7 ?

Or why not  help your boss to support their business while protecting your own car? - so everybody wins...


What is Banner-Cover ™

Banner-Cover are highly durable, long lasting, 4 season car covers, that thanks to a special, one of a kind attachment system*, they allow you to use your parked vehicle as your own personal advertising platform**.

Location, Location, Location...

At almost any location you can park your car, Banner-Cover will allow you to enjoy unbelievable exposure.

The covers can potentially, save you thousands of dollars on valuable, premium advertising space every day, all year long.

Banner-Cover can help you to draw attention and share with potential customers your weekend sale, or any other message to anyone in the area by attaching/detaching your own banners or other attachments to it (balloons, decorations and others).

* Patent pending

** Banner-Cover is only the platform for banners, but does NOT include the advertising     

   banner themselves.



Who can use Banner-Cover ™


Any Businesses

Small, medium or even bigger businesses and companies - would be able to promote their business daily/weekly sales or campaigns, indicate and attract potential customers around their area to their business’s specific location,  raise awareness of their doing or just putting their name out, in that huge annual event.

There are many different possibilities…


Individuals can also use Banner Cover for many purposes like – invite the neighborhood residents to an ongoing garage sale, indicate that your house is for sale or rent, indicate an "Open House" event, invite to a private event, inform neighbors of your lost pet with a big image attached, support a cause or message (troops, animal compassion, volunteering etc.), inform your fellow “car-heads” that you are looking for parts for your vintage car, attach some of your craft work at your local art market, or any Happy Birthday sign on the covered new car… 


Banner-Cover in short


- Mobile exposure - 

  You can choose and move the 

  location of your parked car and 

  the ads displaying on it


- Valuable square footage of 

  advertising space with noticeable 



- Allows changing the banner / ad 

   at anytime.

- Allows to transfer and cover 

  different vehicles with similar sizes.


- Banner is quickly removable from 

  the cover


- Suitable for any type or size of 


- Protects the covered vehicle from 

  all 4 seasons with quality, softer 

  inner layer


- High Durability, 100% waterproof 

  and dustproof materials

- Semi custom sizes allow better 

  fit for different types of vehicles


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